Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Mercy Mission : Madinah

"kakak, jom berbuka kat Mercy. ada ceramah sekali kat sana."
and I was like ceramah?? I am not ready for any ceramah or any event time tu, so just put in my jubah then drive pergi Mercy kat Seksyen 3. The Mercy house is for women mualaf.  It was across the street by the way.

By the time we arrived, it was a very peaceful home, and I can feel the togetherness as we enter the house. Everyone was listening to this woman who's telling her experience to the guest in the house. She's tall, wearing jubah, and guess what? She's from England! Her name is Lauren Booth. Mom told me she's Tony Blair's sister-in-law. She convert to Islam secretly at first but then she's got the courage to join Mercy Mission : Madinah. She got my attention as she mentioned Prophet Muhammad so many times. her daughter and sister also tag along to this event. The most heart-touching moment for me is when she told her experience in Gaza. Honestly, I almost drop my tears at that moment. then she end up her speech with "Takbir!" and the guest answered her. how amazing..

So guys, if you feel want to contribute or to become a volunteer at any Mercy Mission, just do it. why wait when chances are in front of you :)

I wasn't manage to get any photo with her since it was very crowded at her table. I guess that is all from me for now. bye!

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