Monday, January 28, 2013

It's all about words.

You already know the phrases "A man's tongue is sharper than the sword." Why I'm writing this because I've been stabbed by this 'sword' too many times since last week.

Words is so powerful that it can kill someone's mood and feeling from gay to nay. Yes. Words should be spoken when you're in a peace, or at least not in tension and desperacy. I strongly stick to my opinion which is be the person whom you gonna speak to before you let it all out driven by your mood and feelings. Words can break many hearts, or even a single heart which is close enough to you that can create awkward situation in the future meeting with them.

Besides, no words going out from your mouth also create suspicious thought during a conversation. Is it so hard to say any single words to support or to reject them politely? This is why it's important to have oral interaction skills. To learn what's the best and the worst thing not to be spoken during a conversation. At least do not stay invisible on that time.

Lastly, never make a decision when you are angry. People may annoys you but you don't wanna annoy them more than they do, aren't you? Always think ahead before you speak.

Yours truly,
The one who still learning to speak right.

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